22. rattler. I'm the Sunshine in your life...even if I'm not in mine.

"in the end it will all go my way, no matter what seems to go wrong"

Fall back: a reduction or a retreat.

I remember.
All of this.
Every action.
Every inaction.
Every answer.
Every act of ignorance.
I took note.


this line just really means a lot to me. 


this line just really means a lot to me. 


Got a love Jones for your body and your skin tone.


i’ve always said that you could love a person and cheat on them

afterall, we hurt the people we love all the time. and often times we love people for our own selfish reasons, so it’s possible to love someone because they are for you, even while you hurt them

but i do not think it’s possible to respect someone and cheat on them. if you respect a person, you don’t waste their time. if you respect a person you respect their heart and their emotions. you respect that they deserve someone better than you so you let them live their life.

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comfortably uncomfortably. pleasurable pain.

i like it this  way.

it means something

the something is fake deep

but it means something

the day it doesnt bother me

will mean ive accepted something i never wanted it

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Pack your bags, hunty


Pack your bags, hunty